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No matter the issue at hand, my guiding principles will be to LISTEN and COLLABORATE: listen to you and your concerns, and collaborate with local leaders and experts in our community to find the best solutions for Dublin.

As COVID-19 continues to adapt, so must we. As your City Council Member, I will lean on medical expertise and draw from my own background in technology to increase safety measures in our public spaces.  

As an advocate for excellent education, I believe we must equip our educators and prepare our children for their futures by ensuring we offer the best resources for our educators and students to succeed. With the tremendous growth Dublin has experienced in recent years, so has come more traffic and school crowding--which, left unchecked, will stunt Dublin's quality of life and education long-term unless we step in to ensure school growth with the rest of the community. 
With all Dublin has to offer, it's no wonder that people and businesses continue to flock here. But as we grow, we must do so responsibly, for our neighbors and our planet. I believe in protecting open space for future generations to enjoy, and that when we do build, we must do so with sustainability in mind. 
The gridlock that has now become commonplace in our community is counterproductive and must be addressed. I will work together with our city and county leaders to find solutions to make our commutes and day-to-day lives more efficient, pleasant, and environmentally-friendly.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, it is essential that we support our local businesses and, in turn, our local families. Every additional business that closes its doors in Dublin is a loss--we must work tenfold to ensure we keep Dublin working. As a small business owner myself, I understand first-hand how we ought to support businesses in Dublin to come back from the losses and continue to grow and thrive. 

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